Hail the Mighty god of Pigskin

I wrote this for my old blog back on Superbowl Sunday. I saw some correlations between how ultra-sports-fanatics act, and how some primitive religions act, so I wrote this humorous post about it.

And no, I am not suggesting that all sports fans act this way, I was just trying to be funny. If you get offended over it, then you are likely one of those fanatics that inspired me to write this. 🙂

Today is the day that people all around the country bow down to their television, worshiping their beloved god, football.

Followers of this unfeeling god participate in many strange and unnatural rituals. Some people become crazed, berating and insulting followers of other lesser groups of gods, known as “Teams”. A few people go so totally insane that they strip themselves of almost all clothing, and paint their naked bodies in the color of these teams, screaming wildly at the televisions in some kind of unholy prayer, hoping that this will somehow impact the outcome. Sadly their gods do not hear their cries.

Large groups of worshipers called “Parties,” gather together in designating worshiping areas, usually in a more devoted follower’s home, where their gods encourage gluttony and alcoholism. Their followers greedily comply. With this, the gods demand sacrifice, but not from the worshipers, it is the innocent who suffer. Many poor chickens have given their wings as sacrifice to these merciless and unforgiving gods.

The revelry last hours until one group emerges victorious, and the worshipers stumble home in a bloated, drunken stupor to await the next showdown between the gods. In the days that follow, those who worship the losing group will be forced into hiding as the followers of the victorious group will ridicule them unrelentingly. The taunting will eventually cease as the season of football fades into memory, and the seasons of the lesser deities approach.


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“What is the last good book you read?”

This was today’s suggestion for “The Daily Post” Since I just started this blog I’ve decided that I would use the occasional suggestion from the Daily Post in order to have material for my blog. I won’t use it all the time, but if I ever feel inspired by a suggestion I will use it.

The last good book I read was actually two books, and it was more looking at the pictures than it was reading. The books are entitled Creature, and Bird, by photographer Andrew Zuckerman. They are amazing books. The pictures are absolutely stunning.

Andrew Zuckerman photographs his subjects against a completely white background. This does two things, first of all it allows you to focus on the animal itself, as there is nothing distracting going on around the creature. The white background also reflects the light in such a way that every detail of the animal becomes crystal clear. It reveals so much detail that you otherwise would never see.

The one and only thing I disliked about this book was that it favored an evolutionary viewpoint in the introduction. This is probably not a problem to some of you, but as a creationist I believe in a literal six day creation. Rather than see these books as an endorsement of evolution though, I see these books as a testament to God’s design. Looking at these pictures I can’t see how anyone could see all the intricate details of these amazing animals, and not believe that they were designed by God. There is no way that random mutations could produce the perfection in these creatures. Aside from that minor detail, I wholeheartedly reccomend these books to any animal lover, bird lover, or photography enthusiast. These are two picture books that you won’t want to just flip through. You’ll want to linger over every page, soaking in all of the amazing details.

I’ve wondered to myself as I’ve looked through these books, if this is what animals and birds will look like in the new earth. After God reverses the effects of the curse I imagine that any dullness of color the animals experience now will be erased, and all these details that we overlook will be displayed in all their glory.

You can find links to more information about the books, and if you feel so inclined, purchase them, by clicking the pictures above. They are a bit pricey, but they are so worth it. These are enormous books. When my copies arrived, the box weighed around thirteen pounds.

To see some of Andrew Zuckerman’s work you can click the link to his website, HERE.

He has also set up separate sites for both books. You can find Creature HERE and Bird HERE. You can look through a few sample images from the books. They are almost as clear as the actual book, and it will give you an idea of what the pictures look like. They are absolutely gorgeous! Some of them are almost mesmerizing. I could look at the parrots for hours, their feathers are so beautiful.

Have you read any good books lately?

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A New Blog!

Hello! Welcome to my new blog!

“Hey, Jonathan! Why are you starting a new blog?”

I’m glad you asked. Let me explain. I like to write, and I have had it in the back of my mind for awhile that I would like to someday be a big blogger. You know the kind, Pioneer Woman, Cake Wrecks, Single Dad Laughing, blogs like these, that millions of people read. These bloggers make their living by their blogs. My aspirations may not be to be as big as they are, but I would like to gain followers outside of just my family and friends. With the blog I have been writing, I’ve kept it pretty private, and I feel comfortable posting personal pictures and writing about family and friends. I wanted a blog where I could get feedback from other people without giving up every aspect of my personal life to complete strangers.

I will continue writing on my old blog, I still want somewhere to write about personal stuff, and post pictures of my family and friends. Facebook is great for that too, but I like to tie the pictures together with my writing, and only my personal blog will work for that.

This is not the only new blog I am starting. I am also starting a blog dedicated solely to my photography. It probably won’t be updated as often, as I want to only post my best work, but eventually I hope to post at least a picture a day. You can find my photo-blog here. J. North Photography

Not everything from my personal blog was of a personal nature, I just never had somewhere to put it so it just ended up there by default. Over the next few days I will probably import a few posts from my personal blog that were the type of posts I hope to feature here.

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you’ll stick around! This is gonna be fun! 🙂

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